The Vendéen Islands

L’Ile d’Yeu, once experienced, never forgotten

Ile d'Yeu - Port Joinville
Ile d'Yeu - la côte rocheuse
Ile d'Yeu - Port Joinville
Ile d'Yeu

With a surface area of just 23 km2, this island is rich in history and its nature, pristine.


Embark on a ferry run by the Compagnie Vendéenne in St Gilles Croix de Vie and in only an hour, you will arrive on the docks of Port Joinville. Town and main fishing harbor of the island, this is a charming spot with its colourful boats, narrow streets, white houses, restaurants, bars and bicycle renters. Indeed, the best way to visit the island is by bike.


Once in the saddle, go and discover this picturesque island, its beauty will captivate you.


To see : : le Grand Phare, la pointe du Châtelet, le Vieux Château, le Port de la Meule et sa petite Chapelle de Bonne Nouvelle, le Port des Vielles, la Pointe des Corbeaux, Saint Saveur village.


On a bike or by foot, roam the dunes, unspoilt beaches, creeks, cliffs, bocage and forests. Rich and resplendent flora and fauna inhabit this island with its many wonders and close to 290 bird species and over 760 plant species. If you are a nature lover, you will be in seventh heaven on L’Île d’Yeu!


L’ile de Noirmoutier, Mimosa island

Plage de Noirmoutier
Cabanes Noirmoutier
Château Noirmoutier
Passage du Gois

Noirmoutier Island is accessible either by a bridge or by « le Gois », a 4-kilometer long, submersible road that, at low tide, connects the island to the main land – unique in Europe!


This pretty island has so much to offer between its fishermen’s houses in the village of Vieil, “le bois de la Chaize” with its villas, magnificent oak and mimosa trees situated next to the beach “la plage des Dames” known for its beach cabins. You will also adore its ports, windmills and castle…


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