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Adrenaline Experience

For this 100% adrenaline experience, we take you to one of the most exhilerating leisure parks. In addition to experiencing strong emotions and sharing a laugh with your family, you will love the extraordinary setting.
Just imagine…
Set on 20 hectares of greenery, Le Grand Défi, which incidentally lives up to its name (the Big Challenge), opens its doors to you.

It’s time… Let’s go for an adventure!

From our campsite, take the direction – Saint Julien des Landes.
It is about a 20 minute drive to reach your destination.

accrobranch park near the campsite in Vendée

The advice of Petit Paris…

To get the full experience, we advise you to bring your own snack.
If not, you may grab a bite at a snack bar near the park…
Why not take advantage of the tables at your disposal and share a convivial moment with your family in a beautiful spot?

Don’t forget your sneakers too, it may sound silly but without them you won’t get very far…

Now you are ready to explore the largest tree top park in the world
Yes, that’s right!
Try this crazy challenge… Tackle the 38 courses that are proposed… We are willing to bet that unless you spend your whole holiday there, you won’t have time to try them all.

The main advantage of this park is that it suits all levels and all ages…
For children from 2 to 77 years old, everyone will find something to do.
Pony rides, the mini-farm and a special circuit for little ones – they will be delighted.
Thrill seekers will be able to test their skills and push their limits.
Some of the circuits require excellent physical condition.
Le Grand Défi also offers the possibility to challenge yourself with family or friends in a crazy game of paintball.
Who will know how to aim, adjust the target and hit their opponent’s tunic?

At Le Grand Défi, in a festive and friendly atmosphere, you will also have the opportunity to discover a new activity… Disc Golf…

What is this, you might ask???

Simply replace the golf club with a frisbee and the hole with a net… Did you figure it out?… Golf revisited, in a word. If our shortcut is not clear, to make it more explicit, we invite you to watch the video on Disc Golf will hold no secrets for you.

leisure park near the campsite in Vendée

You will also find, within the park, a life-size laser game as well as an Explore Games inspired by Escape Games. If you fancy yourself a detective, a potential Sherlock Holmes, this activity should please you.

Finally, you can perfect your sense of direction on one of the 7 treetop adventure circuits. On a park of 20 hectares, in the heart of a green setting, this is “must-do” according to the “regulars” of the park.

Good To know: Safety is the priority of the Grand Défi. Whether it is the equipment or the supervision, everything is thought out so that you can have a great time without running the risk of the slightest danger.

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