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Fishing experience

It’s time to start the holidays.
Our campsite is ideally located so that you may enjoy the fine sandy beaches and everything they have to offer.
A few minutes from Le Petit Paris, discover the Paracou beach, situated in the heart of the Chaume neighbourhood. Far from the tourist hub, protected by dunes and rocks, it’s the perfect place to get some fresh air. This superb beach is the favourite place for amateur shore fishing.

Try this morning activity

The more experienced cyclist can ride the 11 kilometers from the campsite to the beach. It takes about 40 minutes to get there. At the end of the rue du Petit Versaille, join the bicycle paths along the coast. With the horizon as far as the eye can see for a view, it is a invigorating ride.
Once you arrive at the port, you won’t have far to go to get to Le Paracou.

plage proche du camping aux sables d'Olonne

To know:

Recreational fishing is regulated.

Take only as much as you need.

There is a size minimum and authorized fishing period to be respected.

To best prepare for your outing, plan for:

  • a pair of sneakers or rubber boots
  • a bucket for your shells
  • a scraper
  • remember to mind the tides (shore fishing is done during low tides)
  • a picnic with your favourite foods

Find the small holes in the sand, rake with your scraper and retrieve your shell. Rinse several times to completely remove the sand from the shells.

Once you’ve collected your loot and before you hit the road again, it’s time to get your strength back! Choose a picnic table and take advantage of the shade provided by the pine trees to enjoy your packed lunch.

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